Bob's Burgers får en egen serietidning

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Bob's Burgers får en egen serietidning

Inläggav Happy Hamster » lör 17 maj 2014, 21:08

Hit animated Fox comedy Bob's Burgers is following its brethren The Simpsons into comic book format, with today's announcement of an August launch for Bob's Burgers: The Comic Book, created by writers and artists from the show itself."If you like Bob's Burgers and you like comic books, then you may feel like you're living in one of the greatest times in human history, because Bob's Burgers and comic books are coming together in the form of Bob's Burgers: The Comic Book," show creator Loren Bouchard said in a statement accompanying the announcement Friday, adding, "Of course, we could really mess it up. Then you'd feel like you were living in one of the worst times in human history. Either way, we hope you'll check out the first few issues."
Dynamite CEO Nick Barrucci described the new comic book series as "fantastic," noting that the team at Bob's Burgers animation studio Bento Box Entertainment has "put together some incredible stories and artwork, perfectly suited for the comic book format" for the title.
The first issue of the new series will be available for preorder next month, ahead of its release this August, and will feature five strips, according to publisher Dynamite Entertainment: "Louise's Unsolved Mysteries," "Tina's Erotic Friend Fiction," "A Gene Belcher Original Musical," "Letters Written by Linda" and "Bob's Burgers of the Day."

Härligt. Detta är en av mina favorit tv-serier för närvarande. [:)]

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